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New Menu Items!

Today is May 28th, 2016, and this post is old news!

A new year brings 16 new items to our Sushi and Grill menus!

Sashimi lovers, order the Hamachi Pop Rocks (yep, yellowtail + Pop Rocks. It’s happening). Any seitan fans out there? Check out the Shojin. How about Maine lobster? Find it in the Knuckle & Claw. Below is a full listing of our new tasty stuff.


Specialty Sashimi 6 new items

  • Hamachi Pop Rocks: yellowtail, shiso leaf, yuzu kosho, ume, Pop Rocks, wazu sauce
  • Hiyashi Tofu: silken tofu, ponzu, sesame oil, ginger, scallions, sesame seed, kizami nori
  • Marlin Marcona: marlin, Asian pear, Japanese cucumber, red onion, marcona almonds, orange oil, micro wasabi greens
  • Scallop Crudo: Hokkaido scallop, Japanese cucumber, cherry tomato, yuzu kosho, cilantro, apple curry sauce
  • Peppered Tuna Tataki: seared big eye tuna, scallion, toasted sesame garlic sauce
  • Wazu Snapper: seared madai, micro wasabi greens, wasabi yuzu sauce

Specialty Nigiri 3 new items

  • Gochu Tuna: seared albacore, gochujang
  • Wazu Marlin: marlin, ginger, scallion, wazu sauce
  • Zuke Maguro: soy-cured tuna, yuzu kosho

Nigiri + Sashimi 2 new items

  • Kajiki: marlin
  • Madai: snapper

Veggie Maki 1 new item

  • Shojin: bbq seitan, grilled asparagus, pineapple, shallot, bibb lettuce, soy paper, sweet soy

Specialty Maki 1 new item

  • Crunchy L.A.: crab, avocado, Japanese cucumber, crispy panko, sweet chili sauce

Super Specialty Maki 1 new item

  • Knuckle & Claw: Maine lobster knuckle and claw meat, tampico, avocado, red pepper, panca mayo

Hot Plates 2 new items

  • Crispy Marlin Bites: fried marlin, panca mayo
  • Tako Taki Tori: charred baby octopus, sweet miso panca chili sauce, grilled baguette

Click here to see some photos!


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