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Specials, announcements and more from Flagship Restaurant Group! Don't be afraid, we only send stuff out like once or twice a month, and we keep your info private and all that. (We hate spam, too.)

Omaha Happy Hour is offered dine-in only: Monday-Saturday 3-6:30 p.m., Sunday noon-8 p.m. (lounge only) and Friday+Saturday 10:30 p.m.-midnight (dining room only).

At this time, we do not offer nutritional information for our menu items.

Grill Menu

edamame salted $3

spicy edamame garlic, soy, togarashi $3.5

shishito peppers garlic, soy, butter, shichimi $4.5

calamari sesame-crusted squid, vegetable tempura, miso aioli $5

mango crab rangoon mango and mirin purée, fresno pepper sauce $4.75

pork gyoza pan-seared dumplings, crispy leeks, chili soy broth $4.75

edamame hummus cucumbers, carrots, curry crostini, olive oil, toasted sesame seeds $4.75

ceviche white fish, rock shrimp, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, sweet onion jalapeño salsa, wonton crisps, chili oil $6

chicken lettuce wraps bean sprouts, scallion, toasted cashews, puffed glass noodles, cucumber sunomono, pickled carrots, sesame rice noodles, creamy cilantro, spicy peanut, sweet chili sauce $8

vegetarian lettuce wraps edamame hummus, green tea brown rice and cucumber salad, puffed glass noodles, cucumber sunomono, pickled carrots, sesame rice noodles, creamy cilantro, spicy peanut, yogurt curry sauce $7

chicken satay yogurt curry marinade, spicy peanut sauce $4.75

lump crab cakes roasted corn, seaweed, Asian slaw, fire-roasted red pepper aioli $9

sapporo steamed mussels yellow curry, fresno pepper, thai basil, cherry tomatoes, grilled baguette $7.5

shrimp tempura tempura dipping sauce $6

vegetable tempura sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, avocado, baby green beans, jalapeño, tempura dipping sauce $5

tako yaki tori charred baby octopus, sweet miso panca chili sauce, grilled baguette $9

Specialty Nigiri $4

  • blue balls
  • *cherry bomb
  • itchy salmon
  • salmon tot
  • zuke maguro

Specialty Sashimi

  • hiyashi tofu $5
  • *peppered tuna tataki $9
  • *wazu snapper $8
  • yellowtail serrano $8

Maki $5

  • *cali roll
  • cowgirl (v)
  • *crunch blue
  • crunchy cabbage (v)
  • crunchy l.a.
  • eden roll (v)
  • *hawaiian roll
  • shojin (v)
  • *shrimp tempura maki
  • *snow white
  • *south pacific
  • *spicy tako
  • *super asparagus
  • *tan roll
  • v.l.t. (v)
  • veggie
  • cabo roll
  • hot popper
  • negi hama
  • philidelphia
  • sake
  • seattle maki
  • spicy sake
  • spicy tekka
  • tekka


  • signature martinis $5.5
  • sake sangria $6
  • sapporo sake bombs $3
  • sapporo draws $3
  • coors light draws $2
  • house wines $3
  • house lime margaritas $3
  • sho chiku bai cold sake (2oz) $2
  • gekkeikan hot sake (5oz) $4

V is for vegan
*Indicates cooked items | Consuming raw or undercooked meat and seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


    • Sushi Lunch Specials Mon-Fri 11am-2pm
    • $2 Tsingtao beers and $5 Crunchy Blue rolls every Thursday at Baby Blue after 4 pm
    • Happy Hour Mon-Sat 3-6:30pm, Fri+Sat 10:30pm-midnight, Sun 12-8pm